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2011-05-07 07:43 pm

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This is a test post to set up cross-posting and play with dreamwidth style.
I think I'm going to use this account for when I want to cross-post something to FB without any easy way to backtrack to my main blogging account.
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2011-05-07 07:48 pm

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Aaaand a second try to see if I can get the dreamwidth footer in place (although I'm not sure that's necessary or even useful.)
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2011-05-07 11:50 pm

Pender Harbour April Tools Boat Challenge

So fishy talked neuro, gcc, and I into trying the April Tools Challenge in Pender Harbour, British Columbia. The idea is you show up, they give you a surprise pile of materials, and you get to plan and build a boat out of the materials (and nothing more) in four hours, using nothing but hand tools. (And power screwdrivers.)

Insofar as I have a lot of woodworking tools, and I like crashing about the country, and renting a car to drive out of the country is difficult and expensive, I drove up to Seattle, then up to Vancouver, picked up N, met up with fishy, neuro, gcc, and friends, took a ferry to the Sunshine Coast of Canada, and drove up to Pender Harbour. We built a boat, then we all drove back, and I drove back to Denver.

That's the short version.
Click here to see the long version, with pictures n stuff. )